Starting a business or investing in France is not only a question of financial strength or industry competence. Success depends on many varied criteria, one of the most important being tailor-made, effective communications.

Many French communications agencies could put together communication programs based on international standards. However, few are able to lead a communication strategy that would answer English-speaking needs for core content while accommodating the French spirit. Vectors and messages must be adapted to a specific environment. For that, a deep understanding of cultural, societal, and psycho-sociological criteria is essential.

Taking into consideration the reality of our clients competencies, Comes proposes to adapt the communication strategies of North American companies to French sensibilities. Communication leaders, educated in the best North American business schools, exist in France. However, an efficient penetration of the French market demands subtle communication vectors, consistent with the French frame of mind.

Such an approach covers:

With branches in Paris and Toronto, Comes proposes complex and customized communication solutions. By translating North American efficiency into the flowing requirements of the French spirit, Comes builds original and substantial bridges for thought and action to meet across the Atlantic.

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