To strengthen the ties between the organization and its stakeholders: customers and partners, decision makers and media, transmitters of opinion, including those regarding the civil society. The objective is a careful positioning as a serious, solid, and responsible partner with a strong identity.

To reinforce the enterprise culture stickiness. Many studies show that employees' engagement and loyalty are largely correlated with the perceived direction, vision, and sense given to their work. Also, a consistent message carrying direction and meaning, going well beyond the simple concerns related to the industry, leads to an increased exposure to networks that evaluate and make reputations. Such an approach appears essential for recruitment. It reinforces an organization's attractiveness to employees with talent and high potential.

To increase the company's value. Part of a company's capital is intangible. Its expertise, its knowledge, the quality of its employees, the energy of its image, the power of its identity, and its strategic vision fully count in its actual valuation. For that reason, it is critical to develop superior communications for the attentive observers of a company's development. They are likely to provide an opinion that will be strongly communicated and amplified.

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